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Friday, 24 May 2019

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Tykes’ is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes’ and its history by entering Tykes’ Towers.

Spring issue cover

Tykes´ News Spring Issue

After a stuttering attempt to update the website in Winter's Tykes – adversely affected by illness and house moving – we were rescued by the ever vigilant Anahata, who has far reaching skills that extend way further than his melodeon's bellows.

This issue should return us to a normal, if far too warm, Spring.


Gordon Tyrrall talks mainly about his new book, but also brings into focus the many and varied strands of his musical career. Enjoy his Tyrrallean Whitby.

Alice Jones, the Ryburn Valley's best kept secret, is becoming visible on folk's sunlit slopes. So many pies, so few fingers.


Geoff Twentyman and Chris Manners take separate but parallel paths in Yorkshire, one in the South, one in the West, to their folk awakening.

BackTrack treks dirge-like along the Lyke Wake Walk in an etymological wander.


Anahata shows us the Delights of My Lord Cutts. Sometimes known as St Catherine all you have to do is connect the dots for musical nirvana.


Saying goodbye to these three people is too sad for words - Terry 'TC' Cook, Roy Baily and Carolyn Williams. All so different, and all so important in our folk music firmament.


Live, Books and CDs. With a look at the latest Boxed Sets from Whiskey Priests and Dylan and a stonking local selection.

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