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Saturday, 22 February 2020
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Winter issue

Current Issue: Winter

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Joe Brown (photo by Dave Pegg)
Joe Brown (photo by Dave Pegg)
Joe Brown: From skiffle to pop to folk A hero to British rock guitarists from George Harrison onwards, Joe Brown might be not your typical Tykes’ topic but as we shall discover, he’s about much more than cheeky-chappy Britrock

"JB: Sorry I’m late. I’ve just been putting some flowers on Jack Goode’s grave"

Karin Grandal Park: Lives on the Line
Karin Grandal Park on Settle Station
Karin Grandal Park on Settle Station
"TN: You described this as an EP when you first told me about it which is a bit of an understatement. It’s seven songs, a booklet, really well packaged and lasts half an hour.

Karin: To me, a full CD should have at least twelve tracks. This was a set of songs and I wanted them to be a thing in themselves."

OBIT: John Pashley

John and The Band
John and The Band
"Once, tired of requests for his solo trumpet version of Crazy from his old friend and band-mate Mike Cowburn, he responded “I’ll bloody play it at your ****** funeral.” When Mike died, shortly afterwards, he did."

The 2-Fer: Ralph McTell's Hill of Beans

Ralph McTell
Ralph McTell "Hill of Beans" Cover
"Both emotionally and intellectually fulfilling, the album takes us on an evocatively insightful tour of place and time." writes Nigel.

"That closing speech in Casablanca is one of the greatest bits of writing for a film. Bogart plays a shady character but in the end, he does the most noble thing, since Tale of Two Cities"

Chris Sugden's MY LIFE as a KIPPER

Chapter Two: Spawning
Sid and Henry kipper
Sid and Henry kipper
Wha'd'y think he's done with his herrin's head?

"Now that the idea had been born it grew legs of its own, and it went from nothing to an act within the year. The characters of father and son Henry and Sid were created, and a repertoire begun."


Catarin Finch and Seckou Keita
Catarin Finch and Seckou Keita
"Family matters then relegated folk matters to a back seat as the Timor Leste branch of the Rosecastles flew in to claim our time (and our hearts) for the entire month"

… but "The phenomenon that is Musicport celebrated its 20th year this weekend and it was deservedly a sell out. It was our first visit and it certainly won’t be our last – we loved it! "

BACKTRACK No. 8: Liege and Lief

Fairport at Farley Chamberlayne
Fairport at Farley Chamberlayne
The twelve months and one record that changed folk forever.


"Christmas or A March For Christmas is on The Session website …

I found it last year, too late for Tykes’ News, and have been saving it for this year."


From page 40 they pack the latter pages. There are deep and erudite reviews of CDs by all your favourite reviewers. All musical needs catered for; duos, compilations, themes, trad., contemporary & re-issues, local and off-cummed-ens.

The Tracks of our Tykes is all about what's been did locally and the body of reviews span the UK.

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