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Monday, 19 August 2019
Summer issue

Current Issue: Summer

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Martin Carthy
Martin Carthy
MARTIN CARTHY was gigging in the area so Nigel seized the opportunity and had a chat about Martin’s amazing Yorkshire family. The interview has choice anecdotal titbits seeded around the magazine, designed to lead you to other delights within. The Contents page is your friend.

“I can say precisely when I knew Eliza was going to be a professional musician.We’d done a gig at Vancouver Folk Festival – myself and Dave Swarbrick and Norma, Lal, Marie and Eliza as The Waterdaughters. She was fourteen at the time and afterwards told me she was going to quit school and go on the road with us,…”

Jim Woodland
Jim Woodland
New-to-us interviewer Jon Harvison, corners JIM WOODLAND and ranges widely through his career. Originally from south of the Humber Jim fits right into the Yorkshire scene. He’s involved in street theatre, works in schools and in the community, writing plays & musicals and composing songs, for all of his working life. He has much to say about stories, the journey of writing, and the emotional toll it takes.

“There is no claim to a fixed ‘Truth’. Just stories and an offer, maybe, of revelation,...”


The Grove club room
The Grove club room
The Grove gets the spotlight as the oldest club in one venue for all of its existence, from 1962 until 2019!

“A cavalcade of singers and musicians has graced the club over the years. In 1968 Christy Moore appeared for the princely sum of £8 while Bob and Carol Pegg performed for £5 – although Bob made a rare return in 2017 and we paid him slightly more.”


Lynda and Alan Rosecastle
Lynda and Alan Rosecastle
Lynda Hardcastle & Alan Rose, that constant couple, now based in Whitby, have been exploring the Eastern seaboard of Tykesland. There’s a lot going on you need to know about. Finding new-to-them clubs and venues, seeing shows, guests and films we landlocked Tykes miss out on.

“As the song says, the past has been lost, and the future has yet to be won, so we’ll leave you for the present with the exhortation to keep folking about, be it East, West, North or South.”


Gypsy Laddie of 1860-1890ish
Gypsy Laddie of 1860-1890ish
… move ever forward, whilst looking backwards, (who says folk music is easy to understand!) as we pick apart the the life and loves of the Gypsy Rover and the etymological labyrinth of ‘Gypsy’. “ ‘When brown Johnny saw her face,
He cast his glamour on her.’ This is not some kind of Gypsy make–over. Glamour was powerful personal magic. The word has entirely lost this sense, as indeed it had already in America in the 19th century. Sharp collected a wonderfully nonsensical variant in Tennessee in 1916: ‘And when Jack Davy saw her face,
 He cast his grandma on her.’.” 


Anahata explores Hunt the Squirrel & Pleale’s Allemand, two tunes from Sussex, with harmony arrangements that he and Mary have taught at festival workshops. They’re ripe for the picking.

REVIEWS abound and straddle the artistic spectrum. From theatre to club and from film to CD it’s a multimedia cornucopia.


Joan and Jimmy
Joan and Jimmy
JOAN & JIMMY is Jim Woodlands theatrical exploration of Jimmy Miller’s transformation into Ewan MacColl - with songs! Jon Harvison experienced the enjoyment.

“To me one mark of a "good show" be it music or drama, has always been the passage of time. A little over an hour and a half passed in the blink of an eye. Six years from 1946 to 1952, the formation and the early years in the North of England of Theatre Workshop.”


THE RUNAWAYS With scenes set in Whitby folk club it’s a ‘must see’ for all Tykes.

“Due to be screened at Cannes, The Runaways has so far been seen only at festivals and special one–off screenings (often for local extras who appear in the movie), national release, and subsequent DVD and Digital availability are expected to follow.”


SKIPTON UNPLUGGED got the Yorkshire based Irish experience from Clay Liftin [sic]. Paul Reade was there to relate all.

Packing the latter pages there are deep and erudite reviews of CDs by all your favourite reviewers. All musical needs catered for; duos, compilations, themes, trad., contemporary and nostalgic re-issues.

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