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Monday, 10 December 2018
Autumn issue

Current Issue: Autumn

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Bella Gaffney

Bella Gaffney
Bella Gaffney
TN: Before we talk about your new release, let’s wind back to how you first got into folk music.
Bella: […] I suppose it was Simon and Garfunkel. I remember their music in particular. My uncle sings and plays guitar and he used to do a lot of their material. Ralph McTell, as well, who had the advantage of being English, so I found his songs easier to relate to.

Jeff Warner:

Jeff Warner
Jeff Warner
NS: You clearly enjoy playing to an English audience, especially the way they tend to join in with songs.
JW: The difference [between the UK & US] is, in the UK I am talking with people who already know about folk music; in America most of my work is talking to people about folk music, effectively introducing it to them.

To end all Wars ~ Nigel Schofield:

Follow The Fleece Co - All is Gathered in 2016
Follow The Fleece Co - All is Gathered in 2016
TN: So ["to end all wars" is] not about World War 1?
Nigel:[…] not exactly. Because of the centenary I’ve allowed that to be the hinge of the show. The first half starts outside the walls of Troy and takes us through to 1918, the end of the war to end all wars. The second part takes of from that point and is about the most warlike century in mankind’s history.


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Obituary: Simon Heginbotham

Simon Heginbotham
Simon Heginbotham
We bid a sad farewell to 'Saltaire Simon' in this 'Not An Obituary'! One of that band of unsung event organisers who provide a living for folk professionals and a loving for folk aficionados.

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