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David (Joe) Stead: Elaine Wood signs off for Joe, we won't see his like again - "Joe was many faceted, he was gregarious, an original, a showman and entertainer, a promoter; and as many can testify to, generous with his support for others.".

Tykes' News spring issue
The Hayes Sisters
Nikki Hampson


Henry Parker... "is a guitarist/singer (“in that order”) from Bingley. Like so many young musicians, he is liberated rather than confined by genres. His music spans a wide spectrum, folk to classical to jazz to blues, to say nothing of his band–based forays into grungy rock (which is not a landmark outcrop in The Dales!) His second EP Sightlines has just been released." - page 22 will launch you on his journey.

Geoff Lakeman "Mention the name Lakeman to music fans and they are likely to think of Seth… or maybe Sean (and his wife Kathryn Roberts)… or then there’s Sam (and his wife Cara Dillon). Before they launched their successful solo careers, they were The Lakeman Brothers… and before that they were part of the Lakeman Family Group. In the last couple of years, you may have been lucky enough to see the head of that family, Geoff, in your local folk club or festival. He’s made three rounds of Yorkshire clubs in the last couple of years. These he stresses, are not tours…" - Find out how a non-tour works on page 29.

Fairport Convention

ReView: Fairport Convention at 50 - Part Two:

The story continues with fascinating up and downs, in and outs, forward and backs. The Fairport caper reaches it's mid-point. "In the last issue, we followed Fairport Convention’s story to the point where they were about to release their first album since Sandy Denny joined the band. That brought us to the year of 1969, a year of triumph and tragedy for Fairport; it saw them in newspaper headlines and on Top of the Pops"

Mountain Minstrels
The Gold Badging of Sue & Pete Coe


Leeds Morris lead us down a high stepping path of nigh-on 70 years "If you stand outside the Bluebell Inn in Kettlewell, in the Yorkshire Dales on Whit Late May Bank Holiday, you will witness a tradition that has been taking place every year since 1953 without fail." Start reading on page 20.

Trad Sources:

"Having recently been quizzed as to ‘where I get my Trad song inspiration from’ [.....] I thought I'd share a little insight into our approach." Read what Duncan McFarlane thought and did on page 38, then tell us what you think - politely of course!

The Transports:

"Can it really be four decades since we first thrilled to Peter Bellamy’s human saga of Henry and Susannah and the First Fleet? Just as the 25th was marked by the Silver Edition boxed set, this anniversary is marked by the first ever touring production. A mighty event it is too – a ten strong all–star cast " Read the mag (page26) to find out who the cast are and how they handled this far reaching, emotional story.

Book Reviews:

Three this time, all with a tune bias. Bus to Paraguay by Richard Durrant, Jiggery Pokerwork by John Spiers & Merrie Melodies Volume 1 by Karen Tweed. All different and all fascinating. There's a place on your bookshelves for all three.

Live Reviews:

Such an amazing and varied collection of events, I'm staggered by the choice in our region - Tilston/Lowe, Beer, Hutchings, Bailey and Commoners Choir are just five that we received reviews for, there must be dozens equally as varied in Yorkshire. None of these five is more than 25 miles from the other. We are blessed by the folk scene, go forth and partake.


Just the usual huge collection of top class folk CDs scrutinised by enthusiasts who give of their time and skill freely without payment or mithering! Invaluable resources all, they keep us afloat.

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