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Tykes' News spring issue
Lynda Hardcastle & Alan Rose


Lynda Hardcastle & Alan Rose: Tykes’ editor meets up with Alan Rose and Lynda Hardcastle and tries to discover why it’s taken them so long to release their debut album, 'to take another turn...':
"Alan: Early on we knew we’d like to record some songs live at BaccaPipes because what happens there is so much part of who we are musically. Obviously, that determined some of the song choices – they had to be good chorus songs or joining in songs might be a better description.
We also decided to limit ourselves to one song from any composer.
Lynda: Once we’d picked our Tilston song or our Pete Morton song, that allowed us to stop thinking about a lot of other songs on the list."

In our TWOfer section (Interview and CD review) Ani & Gerry McNiece enlighten us as to their wide and varied recording schedule:
"Gerry: Then I wrote sleeve notes deliberately in the style of those old Beatle EP notes by Derek Taylor.
Ani: Remember how when you got an old EP or LP there was always something to look at and read while you were listening to it..."


Part 4 of 4 of Fairport's 50th. A mere 50 years is not even the beginning of the end in folk terms. Nigel skips back to those three 1969 LPs, the ones we still play and marvel at.


Five Minute Marvel: Jim Saville reinforces what we all know - or should know - that the humble club singer is the salt of the the earth: "It has been grand to see youngsters developing into professional artistes and professional artistes who are content to sit in the group at a sing–a–round, taking their turn with everyone else."

LATER ... with Michael Chapman is a journey to Not Yorkshire with Michael and Graham Smout and what they find there: "On his arrival in the studio at 8.00pm Jools Holland personally welcomed each guest ..... As a solo artist, Michael Chapman played centre floor in the studio, [He] received a fantastic reception from the audience and later, a kiss from Christine McVie!"


The Reluctant Ramblers: "John Jones, who you may know as lead singer of Oysterband, has been an avid walker for many years. In 2009, John combined his love of walking with his music.". In the Spring he will be Yorkshire, discover whether it's near Rotherham that he starts on his Rambles. [probably not - Ed.]


The Gold Badging of Sue & Pete Coe

Tune Spot: For this occasional item Anahata has kindly offered to provide us with Sun Assembly, of which he says "The origins of the tune are uncertain, but it’s a stately English Country dance which we think dates from about 1750". Here we have it as a three part arrangement perfect for your bijou ensemble.


Two weighty tomes - Steve Roud's Folk Song in England. Mike Feist writes "For anyone with a serious interest in English traditional songs beyond singing and enjoying them, I would put this excellent overview of the subject in the ‘must–read’ category.", and ‘Fawcett’s Fleadh!’. A book full of Yorkshire interest, being a pictorial record of the Leeds Fleadh through the years. Gordon Tyrrall explaines "Pete forged closer connections with the Irish community here and in Ireland until he became an “honorary Irishman”. His affable, cheerful nature leads him to make friends easily (but maybe lets a few of the oddballs in too)".


Live Reviews: Wow! five in this issue. You might think "What's the point? I've missed it" But an alternative focus is to ask yourself - If it was that good I should be there - and - when & where that act is singing next - and - who else is on at that brilliant venue. It's all knowledge for your future entertainment.

Reviews:More than you can throw a stick for, which in dog terms equates to 9 1/2 pages, with some mighty reissues, some newly minted from big hitters, some new to us and some welcome returns.

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