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Tykes’ is a quarterly print magazine about folk music, song and dance. It covers Yorkshire and surrounds, and is read by people as far afield as the US and Australia; even by one or two in Lancashire! You can find out more about Tykes’ and its history by entering Tykes’ Towers. All the information you need is here.

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The FiloFolk conundrum has been solved! Click on the book logo below and to the right and be transported to the latest iteration of FiloFolk. If you have news about a club/venue whether it be a new one, a defunct one or a wrongly attributed one, we need to know. We can't check every entry every time, so you're it as far as veracity goes. Email us here at

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Tykes News spring cover
Tykes' News

The Spring 2018 Tykes is getting ready to bound into view over the green meadows of our Yorkshire heartland. Gather it up with your knots of May.

Editorial Excerpt:
A glance at the table of contents reminds us what our mag is all about – looking around, looking forward and looking back. In this issue we look North.
In News and Club News we report on the comings and goings of folk persons and venues everywhere, including a potted history of Otley Folk Club and its recent upheaval. Read all about it on pages 3 through to 13.

A new initiative in which we will delve deeply into the convoluted histories of significant songs. A surprise around every corner and at every verse end.
No1 - Scarborough Fair

Two Interviews to get your curiosity whiskers twitching.
Karine Polwart: A Pocket of Wind Resistance. As strange title for a folk music show! be enlightened within.
James Wood: From Sheffield to Nantes via Camelot, a fascinating story from this unassuming musician. He's highly regarded by his musical peers and someone who should be a household name.

Modal Tuning - Duncan McFarlane explains how simple it is to sound like a folk guitar god.
Hartlepool to Whitby in Three Months - Lynda Hardcastle & Alan Rose on a quarter year, stately progression.

Obituary: The life of Jimmy Reddington, an original member of Bradshaw Mummers, is celebrated.

The Reviews section has taken on a life of its own; Books/Live/Singles/Local/Left overs and, yes, actual CDs and now Songs From The Shows. The problem is our reviewers take time, care and space to give you a full and detailed resumé. This means we have to limit the number and the illustrations we print - hence the occasional Gone to CD section.

Anahata's Tune Spot: This, his second, is an unusual version of Speed the Plough from William Clarke of Norfolk. Not content with ferreting out this gem he has added a significant harmony part. Just the thing with which to plough your own furrow.

Filo Folk Filo folk link

This is the more dynamic and light-on-it's-toes version of TYKES' NEWS' FiloFolk listings pages.


Tykes' Towers Tykes Towers link

Meet the rambling inhabitants of the rambling pile that is the historic home of Tykes' News and discover their shameful secrets.


Useful Stuff Yorkshire Folk Arts at Tykes News

Here's a link to YFA's all encompassing folk directory. Hundreds of festivals, song and dance venues in an easy to browse format.


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